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Convert between hundreds of audio formats with a universal MP3 converter!
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29 March 2013

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Music enthusiasts simply love being dished up with their favorite rhythms, tunes, and songs, whether they’re at home or on the go. Considering this passion for music, loads of devices such as mobile phones, iPods, CD players, etc have been introduced by various companies. But, even after the availability of varied music player devices, the amusement can possibly be hindered if your music file format isn’t compatible with your device. However, this is hasn’t been a big trouble nowadays with several audio converter tools currently thronging over the web. One such utility that you may like to try for converting formats of your audio files is Factory Audio Converter 1.1. The utility aids competently in converting your audio files into various other formats without compromising the file quality.

With the competently Factory Audio Converter 1.1 you can convert your audio files of any format into the known MP3, MPC, WAV, AAC, WMA, OGG, FLAC, and APE audio formats. In the conversion process, the first step is relating the selection of source directory from the Explorer panel on left. As you’ve selected a directory, the program queues its containing audio files at right side of the workspace. Now you can check or uncheck the listed audio files and also can enable the features to include sub-folders. You can either mark all or some specific audio files for the conversion process. Even, if you want to check that correct file have been selected then you can view the track’s information displayed at bottom side, or also can play the file using the in-built player. Further, when you’re through with the file selection process, simply select the output format queued up with ‘Convert To’ list row. Now, for the conversion, you just have to define destination folder, quality; configure sample rate, channels, and bitrate; and then clicking on ‘Start Convert’ you can get your files converted with ease. Moreover, the application also supports converting specific audio file segment, and even combining the multiple audios into one.

Using the Factory Audio Converter 1.1 you can convert your favorite audio files into different formats compatible with your player device. The utility comprises of effective option-set, attractive console, followed by excellent performance, and hence found worthy to be rated with 4 rating points.

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Convert between hundreds of audio formats with a universal MP3 converter! Factory Audio Converter makes audio format conversion easy. Supporting all common and a multitude of exotic audio formats, the tool is the most universal MP3 converter ever created. Convert multiple files between MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE, MPC, and many other audio formats with a few clicks. Rip CDs directly into your favorite format - lossless or compressed.
Factory Audio Converter is not just another MP3 converter on the market. Supporting a multitude of audio formats, this MP3 converter makes it easy to play just about any audio, no matter how rare or exotic the format is.
Do you have terabytes of a music collection in lossless format? It's unlikely your iPod will recognize these FLAC files. The MP3 converter will turn each of the files you want on your iPod into MP3, AAC, OGG, or just about any audio format supported by your MP3 player.
Have a library of CDs collecting dust on your shelves? Get rid of the discs and digitize your collection with Factory Audio Converter! Want to transfer your collection to a PC but don't want yet another MP3 converter to struggle converting huge WAV files into MP3s? Factory Audio Converter relieves you from the need for a dedicated MP3 converter, and rips your CDs directly into your favorite format. Go lossless and save your CDs into FLAC, or save disk space and store them into MP3, OGG, AAC, or any of the multiple file formats built into Factory Audio Converter.
Don't settle for an MP3 converter that can only read a couple of formats beside MP3! With hundreds of supported audio formats and constant development of Factory Audio Converter, you will never need another MP3 converter!
Factory Audio Converter
Factory Audio Converter
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